This celebrity lookalike episode of The Weakest Link is being shared again because it’s so cursed

The television landscape was drastically different in the early 00s: the so-called “golden age” of television was in full swing, streaming services had yet to invade our lives,  and the standards of celebrity lookalikes were apparently a lot, lot lower.

On Twitter, this opening clip from a celebrity lookalikes special of The Weakest Link resurfaced via @JoStephenson96:

Apologies for the nightmares.

In a conclusion worthy of a prime time drama, the finale sees the fake Victoria Beckham go head-to-head with the fake David Beckham. Eat your heart out, Game of Thrones.

Here are some responses to the episode:


If you’ve got 45 minutes to kill, you can watch the episode in its entirety here.


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Source: @JoStephenson96

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