Covidiot takedown of the day

Despite all the evidence that suggests it is a straightforward way of saving lots of lives, some people still refuse to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

These people tend to be particularly vocal about it, and it’s always entertaining to see them taken down to the level they belong.

And this is a classic of the genre, shared by borsare11o and beerbellybegone over on Reddit.


And just three of the many things people said about it.

‘Just like a condom, a mask only works if it covers the holes.’ Anna_Rapunzel

‘More importantly, those viruses are not airborne …’ oneredflag

‘Imagine the horror of airborne herpes or gonorrhea. No fucker would go outside without a damn spacesuit.’


A security guard called out this covidiot and it just gets better and better

Source Reddit u/borsare11o u/beerbellybegone

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