These reporters shouting at Mike Pence after he refused to take Covid questions is quite the watch

Donald Trump appears to be too busy disputing his election defeat to spend too much time dealing with Covid-19, not that he was overly effective even when he was giving the pandemic a little bit more of his attention.

The good news is that – Google, Google – White House Covid-19 task force chief Mike Pence held a press conference to outline the president’s latest strategy.

Less impressive was his reluctance to take questions. Any questions. The reporters present gave him exactly the amount of respect he deserved and it’s quite the watch (4 million views and counting …).

And just a few of the things people said about it.

In the interests of balance and all that, there were also some people who thought this.

AKA reporters whose job it is to ask questions but aren’t allowed to ask questions try to ask questions. The absolute cheek of it.


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Source @therecount