16 television moments from the brilliant ‘Daytime Snaps’ that perfectly sum up 2020

There’s a brilliant Twitter account called @daytimesnaps that takes random moments from daytime TV and shares them without context, making them all the more hilarious and bizarre – and trust us, no one does hilarious and bizarre daytime TV like Britain.

With that in mind, daytime television feels like the perfect place to relive the surrealness of the last 12 months.

Here are 16 screenshots that perfectly capture life in 2020…

1. When the nation was asked this very important question:

2. When Matthew Wright celebrated the news that Father Christmas is considered a key worker in Scotland: 

3. When Holly and Phillip celebrated a socially distant birthday: 

4. When the This Morning line-up featured a casual pre-lunch appearance from death:

5. When Eamon Holmes brought out his giant social distancing stick:

6. When Loose Women asked the question we were all dying to know the answer to:

7. And when Countdown were on the same page:

8. When the government’s lockdown tier system was grilled:

9. When the UK needed to be retaught the basics:

10. When Loose Women just gave up:

11. When this question was aimed at the horders:

12. When a pub had to take drastic measures to ensure that punters maintained their distance:

13. When This Morning tackled the most pressing question of our time:

14. When this was something we were all genuinely wondering:

15. When some anonymous hairdressers made an appearance on This Morning


And finally, when a long-awaited ghost wedding was cancelled:

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These no-context snaps make daytime TV seem much better than it is