Rudy Giuliani sweating hair dye wasn’t the worst thing about his speech – but it was the funniest

Rudy Giuliani addressed journalists at the Republican Party HQ in Washington, supposedly to present the evidence of the Democrats’ alleged attempt to steal the election.

Instead, he delivered a rambling speech that drew unwarranted conclusions and said he couldn’t share his evidence for fear of endangering the lives of the witnesses involved, discussed his ‘My Cousin Vinny’ plan to take down the Dems, and appeared to sweat hair dye.

Here are a few clips, because it has to be seen to be believed – and even then, you may have to pinch yourself.

The press briefing was so ridiculous, that even Fox News called out the unadulterated bull!

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas marvelled that he’d managed to sink lower than at the infamous Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle.

Here are some highly representative reactions from Twitter.










A recording from the Trump team’s YouTube stream showed that even they thought the clown act in front of them was a bit much.

But our favourite reaction has to be this, from the newly popular Four Seasons Total Landscaping account.


Trump’s team booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping instead of the luxury hotel – 26 concrete slam dunks

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