Twitter’s use of BBC Dad to explain the new conversation settings is genius-level marketing

Professor Robert Kelly may have incredible knowledge on all things in the Korean political sphere – North and South – and a PhD in international relations, but since his adorable kids and mortified wife burst in on him during a live interview, he’ll be forever known as BBC Dad.

Here’s a reminder, because there’s never a bad time to watch this again.

In a stroke of marketing genius, Twitter drafted him in to explain their recently added conversation control settings, and it couldn’t have been better.

Twitter Marketing even set the tweet so that only they could reply. We see what they did there.

Here are a few things people had to say about the ad.

Finally, a word from the man himself.

Oh, we did enjoy it, Prof. We really did.


BBC Dad and the kids who videobombed him were back on TV – and they’re still full of mischief

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