This job ad for a ‘nanny’ (housekeeper, teacher, personal shopper) went viral because the demands are next-level

Job advert of the week goes to this appeal for a ‘nanny’ to look after a family’s two children. It proved popular after it was shared by GirlFromTheVille over on Reddit.

‘Be a very specific age, have a bachelor’s degree, be a nanny, housekeeper, teacher and personal shopper…and more, all for $13/hr,’ she said.

And here it is (get ready to scroll down. And down …)

Phew. Any takers? Anyone?

And it’s reassuring to know it got entirely the responses it deserved.

‘Basically adopt my kids for 13/hr.’ Candid2020

‘And our pets.’ UhmNotMe

‘Be my children’s parent and run my household.’ TheHoly_Coast

‘Also be the actual parent’s parent.’ TotaLibertarian

‘I never thought these were real until I saw someone I know post that she needed someone to watch her kindergarten age son while she was at work. She offered $40 a week for 6 hours a day five days a week. She also wanted this magical person to pick up her child from home and then drop him back after she got home from work. People commented that she must have meant $40 per day, which seems low. She made a second post to clarify that it was indeed $40 per week. Again people pointed out how low of a figure that was and she said she was hoping that someone would be able to do this and be a really good friend and help her out. She also says that it never hurts to ask 💁🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️’ Free_Hat_McCullough

This seems a bit more realistic …

‘I was paying $20 an hour 15 years ago and the main rule was “don’t let them kill each other”’ goosepills


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Source Reddit u/GirlFromTheVille Image Pexels