15 stock photos made infinitely better with the addition of fake photobombs

As an art director of many years standing, Matt Vescovo has spent more than his fair share of time sifting through stock photos, but unlike most of us, Matt finds inspiration in them – and what he does with them is time well spent.

On his Facebook page, where he’s known as the Stock Photobomber, he shares the original stock photos, along with a new and improved version, into which he’s edited himself in a variety of funny photobomb situations.

We’ve gathered some classics, along with his newest masterpieces.


Young couple playing in the water

Man discreetly using the ocean as a bathroom


Elderly woman getting into car accident

Man sending mother over the edge with recorder “concerto”


Couple kissing outside

Man being third wheel


Angry boss waiting for worker at desk

Executives making turkeys


Family celebrating daughter’s birthday

Uncle drinks at niece’s birthday


Bride and groom in car

Man having trouble getting over ex-girlfriend


Snowman in field

Drunk having sexual relations with a snowman


Senior couple in bedroom

Man vacuums grandparents

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