This dad went viral with the terrifying pics he sends his girlfriend on childcare duty

If you’re a parent and you’re looking after the kids by yourself because your partner is at work or having fun doing something else, it’s always nice to send them a pic to keep them amused and reassure them you’ve got it all under control.

This dad does it slightly differently though. Kenny Deuce – you can find him on Instagram here (his account is called On Adventure With Dad)

“A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was OK”

1. ‘The View Here Is Amazing!’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

2. ‘IKEA Feels Like Home’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

3. ‘I Really Like Balloons’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

4. ‘I Was Shocked When Dad Asked Me To Fix The Electricity’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

5. ‘In Lockdown So I’m Helping Daddy With Some Work In The Garden’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

6. ‘I Made Some New Friends’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

7. ‘Reading = Learning’

(via @onadventurewithdad)

The pics went viral after they were shared on Reddit by BitwiseShift and these are our two favourite comments.

‘Jesus. I’m sorry to call you out on being a bad parent, but at least when my baby runs the chop saw she wear protective goggles. Get it together.’ Gohomeyurdrunk

‘I know this is photoshopped and yet my heart is still beating wildly at that baby sitting on the cliff edge.’ london-plane

And if you want to find out what terrors he is getting up to know, follow him on Instagram now!


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