Test and Trace has told Boris Johnson to self-isolate – our 11 favourite funny responses

As if to demonstrate that he is prepared to follow coronavirus rules, unlike that awful Cummings chap he just kicked out and never liked in the first place, Boris Johnson is currently self-isolating after recently coming into contact with an MP who has since tested positive.

He added some details.

This is the unfortunate MP in question.

If they think that gap is two metres, presumably they both reckon they could take up professional basketball.

The fact that Johnson was contacted via the notoriously inefficient Test and Trace system surprised people.

Presumably, she remembered to look in the fridge.

With the recent departure of two key figures from 10 Downing Street, mounting problems with the looming Brexit deadline and new information on the levels of cronyism within his administration, many felt the PM might have been relieved to have an excuse to dodge questions.

These were the best reactions we saw.