The Mail sniped at how Marcus Rashford spends his own money and Twitter ruled it offside – 17 stunning takedowns

Marcus Rashford‘s anti-hunger campaigning has twice forced the government into a U-turn on the issue of feeding poor children during school holidays.

On Sunday, the Mail thought it had achieved some sort of “gotcha” moment, when it published an article about his recently acquired property portfolio.

It’s quite the shocker, isn’t it. “Man spends own legally earned money“. Whatever was he thinking?

As an indicator of quite how far off the mark the paper had strayed, even Julia Hartley-Brewer and Kirstie Allsopp – not exactly ‘Leftie do-gooders’ – thought they were out of order.

To make matters worse, there’s no doubt the paper was operating some hefty double standards.

Being the direct individual he is, Marcus addressed the article head on.

Here’s what he said.

Most of the responses to both the Mail and to the well-reasoned tweet were positive.

These really stood out.