Des O’Connor’s death sent this hilarious Eric Morecambe story viral all over again

Very sad news at the weekend that TV’s ‘ultimate entertainer’ Des O’Connor has died aged 88.

The singer and TV presenter was a permanent fixture in the ITV schedules back in the day and there was no shortage of tributes (we rounded up some of the best here).

He was famously the butt of many Eric Morecambe jokes over the years, and they don’t come much better than this one, shared by journalist Piers Hopkirk (and originally from the Times diary).

‘On a sad day a reminder of classic Eric Morecambe/Des O’Connor banter,’ wrote @piershopkirk

‘It was heartening to see that political point-scoring was largely suspended when Boris Johnson went into hospital. It reminded me of the story about when Eric Morecambe had a heart attack in 1968.

‘Des O’Connor, who was mocked by Morecambe every week, heard the news during a gig and stopped to wish his tormentor well.

‘Later Morecambe was told that O’Connor had asked his entire audience to pray for him. He was touched but not changed. ‘Those six or seven people might have made all the difference,’ he said.’


And here they are in action together.

RIP Des O’Connor.


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Source Twitter @piershopkirk