Just a fabulous takedown for anyone who delivers bad news via email and not face to face

We’ll keep this one in our back pocket but hopefully won’t be using it any time soon (ever).

It was a response to a questioner who said they’d been fired by their boss via email and wanted to know the best way to reply.

And this is surely the very best way.


‘I had a boss that complained that people would quit via text message. We agreed it was immature and unprofessional. And then she let me go through a voicemail while I was on vacation in Europe.’ Llama_Llama_

‘The perfectly worded comeback … unfortunately, will probably never have the balls to send … too bad.’ lmosworld123

‘This is a win for us All, and we’re grateful.’ necessary_blankness


This riposte to a camera thief is both funny and very effective

Source Reddit u/KingMushroomIV