This Facebook exchange about trying to buy a blue bucket is just the content we needed today

Chances are you’ll already know the work of Michael Cunningham – @SirMichael1979 on Twitter – and the group chats he gets involved in with sublimely funny results.

Well now he’s got a book out with the very best – How to (Almost) Make Friends on the Internet – and it’s a fabulously funny read.

And this is one of them, an all-time classic in which he tries to buy a blue bucket that may or may not be for sale.








How to (almost) Make Friends on the Internet by Michael Cunningham is out now in hardbook and eBook. You can find it on Amazon here and Waterstones over here.

It’s also available at your local independent book shop.

Here’s a bit of blurb from the book (because they say it much better than we do).

“Get ready for the online adventures of one man who just wants to make friends. And one very annoyed world.

Based on the ingenious Sir Michael Twitter account, How to (Almost) Make Friends on the Internet is the funniest book you’ll read this year.

Whether it’s offering his services as a Karate Lawyer or Funeral DJ, devising the world’s worst plan to get a free haircut, or trying to buy a blue bucket that may or may not be for sale, Michael just wants to connect with people.

The only problem is that people are slightly less enthusiastic about connecting with him and the results are utterly hilarious.

Warning: you’ll never think about adding someone called Michael to a group chat the same way ever again.”

And in the unlikely event you don’t already, follow @SirMichael1979 on Twitter here!


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