Madame Tussauds mocked Donald Trump’s election loss in the most perfect way possible

The London branch of waxwork museum Madame Tussauds wasted no time in reacting to the news that Donald Trump lost his bid to be re-elected US president.

Taking to Twitter, the museum shared an image of Trump’s waxwork dressed in a new attire, more fitting attire.

The change in attire is especially fitting given that Trump was seen playing a round of golf on one of his courses when news of Joe Biden’s victory was announced.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has been criticised for the amount of time spent on the golf course – something he himself routinely criticised former President Barack Obama for.

Some people noted that the waxwork could do with a little extra work:

While others felt that the costume would need to be updated again in the near future:

Meanwhile, our friends over in Germany had their own, less nuanced response, simply choosing to dump Donald Trump’s waxwork in a bin.


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Never piss off a waxwork museum, I guess.


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