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Trump claims Californians have “a special mask” they can’t take off – 9 blistering takedowns

Donald Trump has said many stupid things during his time as President – and before that.

There are far too many to list them all, but as an illustration …

There was the time he thought he was a professor of virology and he recommended ultra-violet light inside the body OR disinfectant administered to patients, as treatments for Covid-19.

Who could forget the President claiming he had been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln? The assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln.

Of course, the fact that he’s in charge of his own Twitter account means we also get nuggets like this implication that cold weather somehow debunks climate change.

At his most recent rally – held in Arizona – Trump told the crowd about California’s unique masks.

Once again, we have the honour of presenting to you …how Twitter reacted to Trump’s outrageous nonsense.










For the avoidance of all doubt …

However – before we all get on Trump’s case and accuse him of fake news, it’s just possible that he got his information from comedian Steve Allen, who did this:

Don’t all rush to buy them.


Donald Trump compared his rally with Joe Biden’s and it’s the ultimate self-own

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