Diabolically terrible layout of the week

There’s a subReddit called ‘crappy design’ and this is a classic of the genre, so bad it’s basically offensive.

‘Thought you had to read it in a circle. Took me a minute to figure it out,’ said Redditor WaveNimbus who shared it.

Only a minute?

It prompted no end of discussion and these are our favourite comments.

‘Brilliantly terrible layout A+.’ Snoo-5772

‘What’s crazy is it’s just standard left to right, top to bottom… which makes the reader feel even more like an idiot upon finally figuring it out.’ OfficialSilkyJohnson

‘It’s a perfect diagram of a relationship. You think you know how to navigate it, but when you try that, you are obviously so terribly wrong and misguided because the whole thing is such a complicated mess.’ joe1289


This cat trying to steal a treat from a dog is 10/10 for planning, 0/10 for execution

Source Reddit u/WaveNimbus