17 times Jim Felton made Twitter a much funnier place

If you’re interested in topical tweets, you can’t have missed those by best-selling author, Jim Felton, who somehow manages to wring a laugh out of the most dreadful and infuriating news.

For example, here’s just one of his reactions to the government’s refusal to extend a free school meals scheme to cover the upcoming holidays, which is going to leave some children hungry over half-term …and Christmas.

Even if you don’t follow political Twitter, you almost certainly spotted him drinking “milk coke”, which went viral and caused the kind of division normally only reserved for arguments about scones between Devon and Cornwall.

Not content with having just one best-selling book – the candidly entitled ‘52 Times Britain Was a Bellend‘ – he’s followed it up with Sunburn, which documents some of the times the Sun newspaper was – well – a bellend.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve gathered some of our favourites from his many very funny tweets. They’re occasionally NSFW.

Trump comes under fire as often as you’d expect.





He’s made one or two references to Brexit.