Theresa May’s face as she listened to Michael Gove’s Brexit BS was all of us

There can’t be a person in the UK who hasn’t shook their head in disbelief at something Michael Gove has said – generally about borders or experts or fish with passports or something or other.

In the House of Commons on Monday, Theresa May’s face told that old, old story –

“Gove is spouting BS again.”

Here’s a little more background.

So, apparently, the UK can co-operate better with the EU on security when it no longer has access to the EU’s databases and file-sharing systems.

from Sure GIFs via Gfycat

Anyway – people found Theresa May’s face a lot more relatable than they ever did when she was Prime Minister.






Comedian Reginald D. Hunter had other suspicions.

Whatever was going on, we can be certain that something stank in the Chamber.


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