Brits were fuming at what an American said about the UK and salads – the 9 funniest reactions

Like most countries, the UK is happy to line up to say how terrible things are – the state of the government, the weather, the price of Freddos …blah, blah, blah, but woe betide any outsider who says anything negative.

One American caused mayhem on Twitter with this question.

Other Americans clearly had their doubts.

This anecdote was a head scratcher.

Aunt and Uncle wanted salad when we were in London. Restaurant had no clue what they asked for. Gave them a plate of sliced veggies.

It begged the question “What counts as a salad in the USA?” ‘Lettuce’ see what people said.

Some Brits held up a mirror to US standards, while others played along with the low-key diss.

These were our favourite reactions.




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