Seth MacFarlane doing Kermit the Frog doing Liam Neeson’s Taken line has gone viral all over again

It’s been a few years since Seth MacFarlane did this on BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show, much to everyone’s delight (including Tom Cruise).

Now the clip’s gone viral again on Reddit and what better excuse to enjoy it one more time …

Seth McFarlane doing Kermit the frog doing Liam Neeson’s famous Taken quote – The Graham Norton Show from r/funny

Never thought we’d be nostalgic for a TV show with a studio audience.

‘That would be so much more disturbing to hear through a phone.’ sysadminbj

‘Don’t be silly, frogs can’t use phones.’ s-mores

It’s up there with our favourite Graham Norton moments, but not quite as good as this one.


‘Super gluing a pickle jar lid and asking buff guys to open it’

Source Reddit u/FAMEDRAINDROP3