This ‘rural landscape’ isn’t what it seems and it’s blowing people’s minds

This image has just gone viral on Reddit because it’s not what it looks like. Here’s the picture, shared by Redditor Wolfdijon.

And we’re not sure what you thought it was but it’s actually … the top of a fence post.

And if you didn’t immediately think that’s what it was, then you’re not alone (and if you did, please move on, there is nothing more to see here).

‘Looks like a lost valley in an inactive volcano.’ MrAres23

‘Was looking for a fence post in the ‘landscape’ for a few seconds there. Sick pic.’ mastercin99

‘The crazy part is the organisms on the top of that post are probably radically different than the ones on the ground next to it. Eco bubbles are cool.’ Helzacat

‘This took waaaaaaay to long to ‘click’, i legit thought it was a valley somewhere maybe called fence post or is there a fence post in it….where is this place?….tick…..tick…tick…OOOHHHH!!! FENCE POST!!! beautiful pic, nature is fucking amazing. Thanks for sharing it’s gorgeous.’ LiLOwlkins

And here’s the zoomed out view in case you were wondering …


This field isn’t what it appears to be and it’s blowing people’s minds

Source Reddit u/Wolfdijon

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