‘This is how Japan attacked Pearl Harbour according to flat earthers’

Over on Reddit viktorknavs shared a map showing exactly how flat earthers think Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.

An easy target, maybe, but an entirely valid one (flat earthers, we mean).

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘Everyone knows they flew through the hollow earth to get to Pearl Harbor. That is why they were able to evade radar detection.’ Half_Past_Five

‘Funnily enough this is where Godzilla was found, he attacked Japan because they knew his secret.’ insomnis_animo

‘Get lost with your weak pseudoscience. Real Flat Earthers know that Asia is on the left.’ DontMakeMeCount

As fellow Redditor EmpireofAzad pointed out, ‘The most common flat earth model if anyone is interested in crazy. The South Pole becomes an encircling ice wall.’

And here it is.



A flat-Earther posted “proof” of the conspiracy theory and got murdered by words

Source Reddit u/viktorknavs