Donald Trump retweeted a spoof news story about Twitter and Joe Biden and it’s perfect

In last night’s televised Town Hall event, it was suggested to Donald Trump that he should stop retweeting stuff like a ‘crazy uncle’.

Trump brushed it off, of course, but today we had the perfect example of why the so-called president should look a bit harder – or look at all, in fact – before he tweets.

He shared a satirical news site’s story about Joe Biden and Twitter under the false impression that it was the genuine article. And it’s just perfect.

Here’s the Babylon Bee ‘news’ story shared by Trump and the more you read it, the better it gets.

(via Babylon Bee)

‘Crazy uncle’ indeed. And here are our favourite things people said about it.

Some people made the not inconsiderable leap to suggest Trump was in on the joke. To which there is surely only one response.


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Source @realDonaldTrump

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