This doctor’s takedown of a troll who questioned why Joe Biden wore two masks is supremely satisfying

Have to confess we hadn’t come across Ian Miles Cheong – @stillgray – on Twitter and we probably won’t again.

We only mention him because he had lots to say about Joe Biden wearing two masks and this doctor’s response makes it all worthwhile.

‘Wonder if he can get the doctor to treat that burn,’ said curiouscolombian1 who shared it on Reddit.


‘Trying to make fun of someone for wearing masks is like trying to make fun of someone who puts on a seatbelt before driving on the highway.’ TooShiftyForYou

‘I checked out his twitter and holy hell are his followers extremely stupid. They believe masks are super spreaders.’ Jeedeye

And just in case you were wondering …

‘It’s not two masks, but a mask over an N95 respirator. This is actually a common practice now. The mask keeps the N95 cleaner for reuse. In Trump’s America, N95s have to be reused as we don’t have enough to treat them as disposable. Biden doing this actually tells me he knows his business.’ NiceandPositive


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Source Reddit u/curiouscolombian1