Save the wine or save the baby? Guess which choice this woman made

If you’ve been searching for a clip to illustrate your TED talk on skewed priorities, then Imgur user, YourNerveTonic may well have saved your bacon.

And Grandmother of the year award goes to…

If she was hoping to get out of babysitting duties for the foreseeable future, we’d say that’s mission accomplished – particularly as the clip has gone viral.

As these things always do, it found its way to Twitter, where it’s had more than seven million views, and we really enjoyed these funny takes on the awkward fail.

It put Lina in mind of the latest Test and Trace fail, in which students were sent used testing kits.

Finally, that clever lot over at Mockeree noticed its potential as a Brexit allegory.


‘Most dramatic end to a baby race of all time’

Source YourNerveTonic Image Screengrab