Matt Hancock boasted that Emmanuel Macron complimented the UK’s Test and Trace – 8 sick burns

The UK Test and Trace system, so frequently described as “world-beating” by Boris Johnson, has come under fire for several reasons:

People have struggled to access tests

They have been sent to test centres miles away from where they live

Results have been slow to come through and sent to the wrong people

Users struggled to sign in using the QR scanner in the app

They were unable to add results taken in NHS establishments

The app sends alerts that vanish when users try to access them

Thousands of potentially infected people weren’t contacted because the data was processed in Excel

Yet, on Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, tweeted this.

Not everybody was convinced that a compliment from the French President outweighed the problems.

These were the best takedowns we saw.









Parliamentary sketch writer, John Crace, wondered at M. Macron’s motives.

Makes sense.

Plot twist …this is the “compliment”.

(I)n Germany and the UK there were a lot more downloads…The cases they identified using these apps, even in Germany and the UK – very few.

If that’s a compliment, we’d hate for him to insult it.


16,000 Covid test results got lost because the system uses Excel – 15 scathing takedowns

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