Nadine Dorries said there’s no such thing as herd immunity – only 7 responses you need

Here’s Tory MP (and health minister) Nadine Dorries giving her considered verdict on coronavirus and the possible impact (or otherwise) of herd immunity.

She was responding to a question from Arron Banks, who need not bother us anymore here, flagging up Covid cases and deaths in Sweden.

And here’s what Dorries – who used to be a nurse – had to say.

Just to recap … ‘There is no such thing as herd immunity.’

And these are the only 7 responses you need.

To conclude …

To recap, herd immunity is supported by decades of scientific research and is achieved through vaccination or exposing enough of a population to a virus.

It does not require the total eradication of a disease, but happens when a large enough proportion of a population becomes immune.

And just in case Nadine is reading this, there’s a GCSE thing about herd immunity here.


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