Keir Starmer wants a ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown – 11 strong reactions

Just a day after Chris Whitty revealed the minutes of a SAGE meeting showing that the Science Advisory Group for Emergencies had asked the government to implement a short ‘circuit-break’ lockdown, Keir Starmer asked them to do the same.

You can watch the short speech here, if you feel inclined, but this is how he tweeted about it.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg shared the words of an unnamed “government source”.

Keir Starmer is a shameless opportunist playing political games in the middle of a global pandemic.

Matt Chorley, among others, wasn’t impressed by that.

Boris Johnson‘s nickname for Keir Starmer, ‘Captain Hindsight’ trended on Twitter, as the Labour leader was criticised for the stance, but many had a different rank to award.

Here’s how much of Twitter responded to the development.