This missing hamster story had an unexpected twist in the tale

Over on Twitter, Tiger Webb shared some missing – and indeed, found – hamster photos he’d spotted out in the world.

In case that’s a bit tricky to read – Hamish, a male hamster, had escaped, been found “under the fridge” and then the owner of a female hamster, named Petunia, posted a picture of their “virgin” pet’s new babies.

What could have happened? Was Hamish the dad? Had the absolute boy had himself quite the party during his time at large?

The post went viral, picking up over 60,000 retweets in a day, as well as comments like these:

However, if a story seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it isn’t.

Tiger has reached out to the original poster.

We’ll give you an update if they reply, but it just looks like a silly prank – and that’s fine with us.

As @thehvlk pointed out …


You won’t see anything more surprised than this hamster given an unexpected prod

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