People are stumped at Ian Botham becoming a peer – the only 5 funny reactions you need

Former England cricketer, Ian Botham, made an appearance at a very different Lords, when he took his seat as a peer of the realm on Monday, with all the pomp and ceremony that entails.

He took the title Baron Botham of Ravensworth, if you care about that kind of thing.

He was given the position as a reward for his loyalty to Brexit, along with several other Eurosceptic figures.

The sportsman may well be best-known in the general population for his on-the-pitch skills, but on Twitter, he’s more notorious for showing his silly mid off – by which we mean an accidental dick pic, which we won’t share out of consideration for you.

The incident definitely coloured the reactions to the news.






In conclusion, writer Will Black mused on the randomness of the peerage system.

We’re stumped.


Ian Botham goes full ‘accidental Partridge’ with 5 Live interview about giving pheasants to food banks

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