Laurence Fox is protesting Sainsbury’s telling racists to shop elsewhere by shopping elsewhere – 7 favourite reactions

Sainsbury’s marked Black History Month by confirming their support for a diverse society and workplace with this message.

It boils down to “racists not welcome”, which seems like an uncontroversial standpoint, but it wasn’t.

It irritated a lot of people, who took such offence at Sainsbury’s suggestion to stay away if you don’t support diversity that they threatened to *checks notes* stay away.

One question kept cropping up – “When is White History Month – or day?” and this response was about as good as it gets.

There was also a great deal of support for Sainsbury’s, as well as scorn for the attitude of the people complaining about the notice.

Unsurprisingly, the head of the UK’s newest nationalist party, Laurence Fox, was one of the loudest objectors.

His announcement drew the reactions you’d expect.








Finally, Lulu suggested there might be a hidden bonus.


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