The only 5 funny reactions you need to Boris Johnson’s dad breaking the coronavirus rules – again

Boris Johnson‘s dad, Stanley, has been a bit of an embarrassment for his son ever since the pandemic started – and possibly before, but we aren’t interested in their family dynamic.

When the PM originally told people to avoid pubs and restaurants, Stanley said he wouldn’t be doing that.

When the rules said that people should avoid all but essential travel, Stanley went to Greece.

As the government insisted it would fine anyone not following the law regarding mask-wearing, Stanley was photographed doing his shopping maskless.

It’s a complete mystery where Boris Johnson got the character trait that made him boast about shaking hands with everyone at a hospital when the guidelines warned against it.

Let’s hope Stanley isn’t too poor to pay the fine he’ll obviously be getting, eh?

Twitter was not going to let it lie.






Dic Penderyn had a very different objection.


Stanley Johnson’s ignoring his son the PM’s advice and going to the pub anyway – only 5 responses you need

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