This video of a moose running across a river is surely the oddest thing we’ll see today

This video of a moose running across a video has gone viral because, well, it’s a video of a goose running across a river.

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No, us neither.

‘I just came to the comments to see if anyone was gonna explain how the moose is doing it. But NO. Everyone had to build a religion around it.’ MamaAkina

‘Jesus has returned, but in a different form. Praise be!’ nyclurker369

‘It’s the moosiah!’ pm_me_your_kindwords

‘A guess: Moose (meese?) are very big and that water is shallower than it looks. You can see it starts splashing more water near the end when it crosses the deep part of the river.’ mpankey

‘Flat bottom boats. They make the rockin’ world go round.’ harrybalsania

‘Did anyone else think this was another fuckin Boston Dynamics robot?’ AngusVanhookHinson

And just in case you need a reminder just how HUGE mooses are …


Ultimate (and funniest) proof that cats really will sit anywhere

Source Imgur H/T Reddit u/TooShiftyForYou