A shop owner had the perfect takedown of the anti-masker who left a terrible review

This response to a bad review, shared by u/ilikeyourchords on Reddit, shows exactly why the subreddit is called r/QuitYourBullshit.

This is the one-star review left by a disgruntled customer.

And this is the comprehensive and robust response.

Let’s have a look at their main points.

You and your friend both came into our store without masks on despite the fact that it is posted on the door that masks are mandatory.

We asked you nicely if you could put a mask on and you said no.

We then asked if we could give you a free mask to wear and you said no.

We then asked you to leave and you resisted.

Is it really bad customer service to ask you to wear a mask in our store or to go elsewhere?

Writing a nasty review on every source you can find will not stop us from protecting what is important to us.

We wear masks for 8 hours straight to protect people.

It doesn’t seem like asking you to wear one while you are in our store is to much to ask.

Here’s what Redditors thought of the exchange.

Rather gracious response from the owner. Bravo.

Anti- maskers are selfish, unpatriotic, temper-tantrum throwing losers.

I’ll never understand how refusing to put a mask on for 5 minutes is the hill these people choose to die on. Of all the issues going on in the world, how is this what you choose to take a stand on?

It’d be fine with me if this were the hill they chose to die on. Unfortunately, this is the hill they’ve chosen to kill other people on.

Shop owner – 7, Covidiots United – 0.


This anti-masker doesn’t believe in numbers and we’ve achieved Covidiocy Level: expert

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