This takedown was so brutal you’ll be cringing long after you’ve stopped looking at it

Takedown of the week is simply brutal, as shared by Redditor elch3w who said: ‘F in the chat for our fallen comrade.’

They’re not kidding.


‘The fact that she didn’t even hesitate… I felt that the hardest.’ Tobmau

‘She didn’t even use the right you’re.’ Amko99mp

‘And he typed with an apostrophe and a comma, he can do better… after he puts his heart back together.’ clumsycatcackler

‘I like how it’s 4.30 in the morning.’ letsnotbedumb

‘Our boy will bounce back, stronger and better than ever.’ elch3w


Takedown of the day (not this one, another one, obviously

Source Reddit u/elch3w