These ‘next level’ face masks had the entire internet shaking its head

Most people are happy to wear a face mask when required in these unprecedented times. A small and very vocal minority do not.

But there’s one thing we can surely all agree on. These aren’t the answer … are they?

And here they are in close-up.

Quite a few people couldn’t believe they could possibly be real but if it’s a joke, then it’s a fairly elaborate one.

Here’s a bit more from the website.

Apparently they’ve got special fans which keep the mask fog free and more than 4 hours battery life! And just in case you were wondering, they cost $199 each.

And here’s exactly what people made of all that.

To conclude …


A covidiot tried to use statistics to make an outrageous claim – the takedown was incredibly satisfying

Source @BreatheNewWinds