This flat listing’s pictures were photoshopped so badly people ‘fixed’ them

When looking for a new home to rent or buy, it’s always best to take the photographs with a pinch of salt.

But there may not be enough salt in the world to cope with this listing shared on Twitter by TV writer @caitiedelaney because, well, look at it.

‘Losing my fucking mind at these apartment listing photos,’ said @caitiedelaney.

It was so bad, in fact, that people started fixing them for themselves. Well, kind of, as highlighted by the good people of Bored Panda.




And it reminded someone of this.


Except there was a twist in the tale, as highlighted by BoredPanda. The people responsible for the Los Angeles apartment listing said they had done it deliberately to generate a bit of attention. Job done.


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H/T BoredPanda Source Twitter @caitiedelaney