Want the full list of Rule of Six exemptions? You’re in luck

People were up in arms that the government had made shooting and hunting exempt from the Rule of Six law. Apparently, they both qualify as organised sport – which is a bit rough if you’re a grouse or a deer.

However, there were a lot of other exemptions, and the brilliant Hopeless Surfer gathered them into this handy (parody) chart.

Although one or two responses seem to have gained an exemption from being able to take a joke, we’ll focus on the positive, with these appreciative comments.

Some people weren’t sure whether it was genuine – and this is why.

When real life seems more of a pisstake than satire, pity the comedians.


The ‘Rule of 6’ has an exemption for grouse shooting – 9 favourite responses

Source Hopeless Surfer Image Hopeless Surfer, Screengrab