Jedward just took down Ian Brown and it’s the most 2020 thing we’ve seen today

You may remember a few days back Ian Brown outed himself on Twitter as an anti-masker and anti-vaxxer and it didn’t go down entirely well.

There were lots of enjoyable and effective putdowns, but we’ll stick with this one for now, from the great @mrnickharvey.

We only mention this because the former Stone Roses frontman was back on Twitter today, taking aim at the ‘lame stream media’ and the like.

And Jedward – you remember – went viral with their response and it’s the most 2020 thing we’ve seen today.

They didn’t leave it there either.

Can’t wait to see Brown’s response. Kind of.

Jedward have carved out something of a reputation for themselves on social media, including encouraging people to wear masks during the pandemic, with tweets like this.

And this.

They had this message for advertisers who no longer wanted to be associated with them.

And here’s what people made of that.


Jedward just trolled Boris Johnson and Donald Trump and it might be the best thing they’ve done

Images screengrabs Source @planetjedward