Parkour genius demonstrates the ‘don’t try this at home’ way to catch a train

King Spider has what can only be described as phenomenal skills – oh, okay, also with synonyms of ‘phenomenal’.

This clip of him almost missing his train is set to go viral because …well, see for yourself.

Obviously you can’t try that at home, but don’t try it anywhere unless you have King Spider’s amazing abilities – and don’t mind getting arrested, because it’s quite possibly illegal. Actually, just don’t try it.

It turned up on Twitter, where it’s been viewed 100,000 times in just 15 hours.

This being a pandemic and all that, we thought these two responses deserved an airing.

But we really had to take our hats off to this sceptic.

from Curb Your Enthusiasm GIFs via Gfycat

You can find King Spider on Instagram or YouTube to see more of his impressive stunts.


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