This description of Trump without his fake tan or hair is just perfect

This image of Donald Trump with his fake tan and hair removed went viral after it was shared on Reddit by Helmoghost because, well, have a look for yourself.

And it prompted no end of comment about what he looked like.

‘He looks much better that way.’ Jiggarelli

‘Looks like Chuck from Better Call Saul.’ KermitTheFraud92

‘He looks like a less wrinkly version of Palpatine.’ Stats_with_a_Z

‘Or Creedy from V for Vendetta.’ deathonater

But this was the very best.

‘Now he looks like the shitty villain from a ’90s movie instead of the shitty villain from an ’80s movie.’ CapnBeardbeard

Nailed it.


Donald Trump was just epically trolled by the music at his own rally

Source Reddit u/Helmoghost