A mum changed her daughter’s sexist homework sheet and some people* weren’t happy *men

A Facebook post by a New York mum has resurfaced, showing how she fixed the sexist worksheet her daughter, Hazel, brought home from school.

Lynne Polvino wasn’t at all happy with the message sent by the school’s version of a home with a working mother.

In that story, nobody’s happy with the situation and there’s a hefty chunk of sexism thrown at the dad in the scenario too, who comes across as incompetent.

Lynne edited the worksheet to a less sexist version with a more positive view of life.

Facebook users were in two minds about the alteration, and oddly – it was mostly split along gender lines.

Here’s how women tended to respond …

As opposed to men.

Enaj Nitsua had a theory.

While Monica Daniel spotted a different issue.

Can’t argue with that.


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Source Lynne Polvino H/T Indy100 Image Lynne Polvino. @lazybonesaustralia on Unsplash