Someone used stock photos to tell Distracted Boyfriend woman’s lockdown story – and it’s just glorious

You’d have to be a statistical anomaly to have missed the Distracted Boyfriend meme, which has been used time and again to illustrate how we don’t always want the things we should want.

Like this:

Recently, Law and Technology academic, Andres Guadamuz, spotted the girlfriend from the scenario in a very different image.

He did indeed find out, and this is her lockdown story.

1. We all remember this stage of blissful ignorance

2. The coronavirus reaches Stock Photoland – a real place, obviously

3. Like so many of us, she follows the advice and doesn’t drive to Durham

4. Hang on – has she overdone “P.E. With Joe Wicks”?

5. Nope – it’s the rona

6. Our heroine does the sensible thing

7. Luckily, no hospitalisation was necessary and she’ll live to scowl at her boyfriend another day

8. That guy! We knew he was trouble

We all know where he caught it.

There’s probably a lesson to be learnt from this, beyond the lesson that Andres does great Twitter.

As Sara Gosline says …

This is our lucky day.


Plot twist: the distracted boyfriend meme had an update

Source Andres Guadamuz Image Andres Guadamuz