The grim reaper turned up to this ‘back to school’ protest so they had to make another sign

The grim reaper turning up was already funny, but what makes this even better is the special sign these ‘back to school’ protestors made in response.

‘Grim Reaper supporting Karens on their protest to open schools, said invertedparadoxxx who shared it on Reddit.

And just in case that sign in the middle is a little bit tricky to read …

‘—> they are not with us’

We’re presuming that everyone wants their children to get back to school. Just when it’s totally safe for everyone, obviously.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘It takes dedication to dress in head-to-toe Grim Reaper in Houston when average daily temperatures are 99°F (37.2°C).’ TooShiftyForYou

‘He should move to the left. They’d have to edit the sign.’ andbruno

‘The thing that’s really infuriating me about this pic is the fact that they used a bright-ass red marker. I could barely read that shit.’ Red-Echidna

‘Reaper needs another sign “They will be with me soon enough.”’ CowboyLaw


Simply the funniest parody of anti-mask conspiracy theories you’ll see today

Source Reddit u/invertedparadoxxx