This video of Donald Trump interviewing Donald Trump is eye-wateringly funny

You’ll probably have seen by now Donald Trump’s car crash of an interview with reporter Jonathan Swan which got the entire internet talking yesterday.

Now the very clever Justin Brown has used it to make a video of Donald Trump being interviewed by … Donald Trump, and it’s eye-wateringly good. Very clever and very, very funny.

It went wildly viral after it was shared by people on Twitter and here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

And here’s what the genius who made it, Justin Brown, said about it on YouTube later.

‘Ummm … I just realized this kind of popped-off. Unexpected, but appreciated – thank you. More importantly -> f-ck this guy, Black Lives Matter, COVID is the appetiser to Climate Change, get involved in your communities, grow a garden, justice is what love looks like in public, and solidarity forever.’


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Source YouTube Justin T. Brown

H/T @rexchapman