Having a bad day? Could be worse, you could be this lawnmower guy

To be filed under ‘having a bad day? Could be worse …’ comes this video shared by @dandowling68 on TikTok.

It went viral on Reddit because, well, have a watch for yourself.


##dream ##job

♬ original sound – dandowling68


The better news was the clip was followed by a whole bunch of comments from people telling him it wasn’t his fault.

‘That pipe had to be close to breaking anyway.’ StewpidMunkee

‘Sometimes at work you just wanna cry.’ ConcreteCurse

‘Sometimes?’ BKA_Diver

‘Hey. At least the fence is stopping some of it.’ Gearz557

‘Acted as a diffuser so that all those boxes get an efficient, even soaking rather than a wasteful deluge. Get this kid a job at the water district.’ UsedOnlyTwice


If you’re having a bad day it could be worse, you could be this Swedish guy missing a train

Source TikTok @dandowling68 H/T Reddit u/MKorostoff