A restaurant in Greece has come up with the perfect way of dealing with scrounging “influencers”

In the days following the reopening of restaurants in England, there were several reports of social media “influencers” trying to get free meals in exchange for publicity via their accounts.

Of course, influencers do this all the time, but a lot of people were surprised they’d try to pull the same stunt with food outlets that are struggling to stay afloat.

The lovely lot over at Bored Panda shared Reddit user Chamallow81’s story, which illustrates why it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Originally shared via the UnBassador account on Twitter, the person explains that their family has a restaurant on a Greek Island.

They get messages like this from the aforementioned influencers.

But they’ve come up with an ingenious way of dealing with the scroungers.

Is that not brilliant? If the influencers took them up on the offer, it would also be extremely generous.

However …

Redditors left a lot of comments, including these that we thought made some great points.

Most of the people who actually have influence have influence in one specific area and have enough fans that people are OFFERING for them to use their product. If you’re at a level where you’re begging to “influence” for their product, you have very little actual influence.

The entitlement is infuriating. Your lifestyle isn’t even real but you want people to give real tangible things to you at a loss.

I honestly wasn’t expecting that ending, if not ONE person accepting the offer. I thought it was an up and running thing. God damn people are sleazy.

I honestly the lack of shame that it takes to ask for a free meal even if I was a world famous oscar winning actress I don’t think I could bring myself to ask for free stuff omg.

Reddit user Mattlh91 summed up why it’s the perfect solution.

It’s a pretty genius response, as well.

With these influencers, you gotta be careful. Sometimes you might piss one off that actually has a lot of followers and ‘clout’ who might then direct their horde to review bomb and attempt to ruin the restaurant’s rep online. but by turning it around onto the influencer, it puts them on the spot.


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Source UnBassador H/T Reddit and Bored Panda Image @photoart2018 on Unsplash