People loved the BBC’s response to complaints about a same-sex kiss on a CBBC show

The BBC has been applauded for its response to people who complained about a same-sex kiss on CBBC show, The Next Step.

The mockumentary-style show follows members of a competitive dance studio and aired a kiss between characters Jude (Molly Sanders) and Cleo (Dani Verago) after they performed a routine together.

Although it was praised by lots of fans and critics, the BBC revealed a number of people had also complained about the episode. Here’s what it had to say on its complaints website, highlighted by @scottygb on Twitter.

‘CBBC received complaints about a same-sex kiss in one of their storylines (The Next Step),’ said @scottygb. ‘Here’s their response. It’s simply A+.’

This line is particularly amazing …’ said @scottygb.

“The first same-sex kiss on CBBC was in fact in Byker Grove, many years ago.”

And just a few of the things other people were saying about it.

You can read the BBC’s response on its complaints website here.

Source Twitter @scottygb Image BBC