Trump’s threat to ban TikTok got the lip-synch treatment – and a lot more

Donald Trump claims he’s banning TikTok in the US, supposedly for security reasons but most probably over some petty annoyance that its users tend not to like him.

The threat must be partly because TikTok teens have been disrupting Trump’s campaigning by snapping up the free tickets for his rallies and by adding items to the shopping cart on the Trump 2020 website, but never checking out.

People have reacted much as you’d expect.

One massive strike against TikTok, from Trump’s point of view, is the account of Sarah Cooper – the comedian who has absolutely eviscerated him by lip-synching to his own words and shining a light on his weird thoughts and intentions.

His announcement didn’t escape her notice.

People loved her most recent rinse of the President.

Sarah also pointed out something he may have overlooked.

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Sarah Cooper’s latest Trump lip-synch unpicks some prime presidential balderdash

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